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Coed League Rules

3 guy/3 girl teams: Teams must have a minimum of 2 girls/2 guys for games to count.
Examples of acceptable teams:
1. 2 girls/2 guys
2. 2 girls/3 guys
3. 3 girls/2 guys
4. 3 girls/3 guys

No “gender rules”: Does not have to be hit by a guy and girl before going over the net.

Serving: You can set a serve, but cannot spike or block a serve.

Rally Scoring: All games to 21 points, cap of 23 for all 3 games.



**NO exceptions will be made for this rule! Games will not start until the minimum number of players are on the court. If you cannot make a full team of at least 4 people (2 & 2) by 10 minutes after the start time, your team will forfeit the first game. After 15 minutes, your team will forfeit the entire match – this rule also applies for late teams.

No “gender” rules – meaning the ball does not have to be hit by a guy & girl before going over the net.

You can set a serve, but cannot spike or block a serve.

Rec league can step over the line for serving; competitive league must serve from behind the line.

Rally scoring…all games to 21 pts., cap of 23 pts for all 3 games.

Teams switch sides after each game.

Net contact, carries, and lift fouls will be called for both rec & comp leagues – if this occurs, it will be a dead ball and a point will be rewarded to the other team. Rec league will be given more leiance on these rules.

Serves that hit the net will remain in play.

Balls cannot be played off the perimeter nets.

Over aggressive play on rec league/team may lead to individual or team dismissal from the team or league.

Pitcher Race

Pitcher Race Details

Domestic Pitchers: 1 point

Micro Pitchers: 2 points

Liquor Pitchers: 3 points

6 Shots (Must be ordered at the same time): 2 points

6 Bomb Shots (Must be ordered at the same time): 3 points

*After 10pm Monday-Saturday AND after 3pm Sunday all of the above count as DOUBLE points!

*At the end of the season, each team will be rewarded with a $100 gift card for every 100 points they’ve earned in the pitcher race. (ex. End the season with 300 points, get a $300 gift card!!)

*If you play both Sessions, your pitcher point total will be carried over from Session I to Session II

Weather Delays/Cancellations/Rescheduling

Weather Delays/Cancellations
Games still take place if it is raining outside.  If there is lightening visible around The Coliseum Bar at 5pm (12pm on Sunday), the 6pm and 645pm games (1pm and 145pm on games Sunday) will be canceled.  If there is still lightening around The Coliseum Bar at 615pm (115pm on Sunday), the rest of the night’s games will be canceled.  The team captains will be notified via phone or email of cancellations.  The captains are responsible for notifying the rest of their team.  There are no designated make-up game times for weather cancellations, but can be made up anytime during the session.
If it has been raining all day and courts have deep standing water in them, making them unsafe to play and the sand cannot be groomed to remove the pools of water, then games will be canceled due to safety concerns.  Team captains will be notified by 5pm of cancellations.

Rescheduling Games/Team Conflicts
If teams need to cancel and/or reschedule, please call The Coliseum Bar to let us know so we can notify the Ref.  Team captains are responsible for notifying their opponent of their need to cancel or reschedule.  That Coliseum Bar staff does not do this.  Rescheduling is to be decided between team captains.  There is a make up game scoresheet that will need to be filled out for this situation.
*Games must be made up within one week; if this is not done the team that wanted to reschedule will be issued a forfeit.
*Make up game can be held before the start of regular night games (6pm), Saturday’s, or before league play on Sunday’s (1pm).
*Refs are not provided for make up games.


Session 2 start date: Monday, July 6th
Session 2 end date: Friday, August 28th
Double Header: Sunday, July 12th
No End of Year Tournament dates. We are cancelling it this year.